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Hello from a CSC'90!

Well, I've decided to join, even though I'm probably going to be one of the oldest alums on

I attended Cottey from 1988-1990. Back then we played The Game hard and fast and there was no stinking traditions board to mess it up.

I lived in Southeastern Suite in Robbie Hall and we were known as the party suite. When I was a frosh SE was a smoking suite. We had this nasty ghetto furniture, but we didn't care! It was the best! My frosh year all but one of the freshman were on academic probation...but we all made it in to SIN so we thought it was cool...yeah, we were young, what did we know?

There are soooo many traditions that I would be willing to talk to you all about if you are interested. I was active in pranking the rrr (robbie rec rats), match makers, great pumpkin, SIN, and other stuff. I played The Duck Game faithfully...I pranked the hell out of my seniors. One day another frosh and I broke into two of our senior's room who were also Robbie Rec Rats (rrr) and tried on all their stuff...I took pictures...OMG...if they had ever found out we'd have been sooo busted...and we used to keep a 'shit list' on the sutie got a 'shit mark' for doing stuff that broke the game rules like saying words only seniors could say "duck, quack, waddle, you'll find out, wipe it, I hear water running" and if you messed with a passdown, you'd get immediately corraled by a senior in a was too fun.

In those days seniors came back to campus first. Frosh came a day later. I remember being soooo pissed of when I came back my senior year and the frosh had been there for a week.

You want my opinion? That was the start of the death of The Game as it was MEANT to be played. But, if you think WE played hard, the stories I heard about the seniors of the 70's scared even the hardest players among us.

I remember avoiding those killer squirrels that used to nest in the trees near the senior sidewalk in front of the chapel...I swear they used to throw things at you when you walked under them.

Of course back then we had only one phone in the suite...the suite chair was in charge of the phone bill. Typerwriters were the norm and the only computers ran on FORTRAN and Dr. Sikes taught us to write code...good god. No computers, very rarely tv's in the room and definitely no cable if you had one...mine was black and white.

There was NO AIRCONDITIONING. My senior year they actually let us sleep in the library at night it was so hot. You could NOT use the elevator unless a doctor gave you a permit for being hurt and the injury had better mean you couldn't walk. So, we took the stairs...but I didn't mind...hell I lost 20 lbs. my frosh year...I swear it was because of Nurney's conditioning class and running up to the third floor all the time.

I remember Meet the Suits happened at 4 in the morning...and the seniors woke the frosh up by banging pots and pans together...then we frosh, scared out of our minds, went from suite to suite meeting everyone and doing whatever the seniors told us to do.

The Rockin' K was THE was out in the middle of nowhere and we lovingly referred to it as The K. That was where we had SIN initiations. Those were sooo bad! I loved it! If you had a fake ID that was convincing enough you could get into Hollywoods in Pittsburg and you could get into Bootleggers in Frontnac anytime...where they sold 32 ounce tumblers of kamakazi and you took shots of those all night...and the pitcher was like 3.00. The K had 5 cent draw nights, too...but we didn't need that...we used to wait for people to go dance, stupidly leaving their pitchers of beer unguarded...then we would steal the pitcher and drink it ourselves...

I could go on and on...but I've typed a novel already...

But, if anyone wants to hear about the fast and furious days of Cottey and The Game, feel free to ask...I'll always be glad to share. And if any of my fellow Southeastern Sweeties/Slutpuppies alum are on here....I would love to talk to you! If you're a current SE resident I'd be glad to let you know about traditions of the past...we had so many!

Ducks & Daisies,
Amy CSC 90
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