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Transfer from another two-year?

Hi there! My name is Ashley, and I'm from Connecticut.

I've been thinking about applying to transfer to Cottey for fall, and I was actually offered some money by the P.E.O. to fly out and visit this year, but unfortunately I ended up getting stuck in Los Angeles in the hospital for 10 days (long story) and I think I totally missed out on that chance. Anyway.

I'm currently at a community college, but I don't feel completely happy here, especially academically. I always was interested in Cottey in high school, just didn't apply, so that's where the idea of transferring comes in. I think it might be really good for me.

However, my parents think it's kinda nutty to want to transfer to one two-year from another when I've already finished one year of college. I completely see their point. What I'm wondering is, have any of you done this? Do you think it's worthwhile? Would you recommend Cottey?

Also, two small things totally unrelated:

1) I maintain womenscolleges, so come join! We don't have any Cottey women. :(

2) I also maintain campusreviews, where I shamefully lure current women's college students into writing reviews of their campuses so we can subliminally influence prospective high school students to apply. (Okay, that's not what I created the community for, but the plan certainly works. :p) Would someone (or two, or three...) mind coming over to review Cottey? It'd be nifty! Spread the love!

Thank you all! Sorry for butting in. :)
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